"A Psychopath kidnaps addicts and forces them through torturous rehabilitation."

Genre: Psychological Horror

Budget: Was about £9,500.

Filming Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. (And surrounding local areas.)

This film was written in 2017, shot in 2018 and edited through into June 2019. I am currently trying to get this film into film festivals around the country/world. Specifically aiming at "No-Budget" and "First Time Directors/Filmmakers."

Hellthy concerns an overweight alcoholic who is kidnapped after an ordinary night, out on the town. He awakes to find himself in a fully automated prison cell. 

The cell has all the amenities you would want. 

Bedding, fresh clothes, three square meals, a daily educational quiz. 

And also a treadmill that you must run on, or you will be set on fire by the glowing element running across the floor. ​

The story is about how he deals with this situation and whether or not he and other victims of the cell will die, survive or actually thrive in their new found surroundings. 

If they manage to secure a release from the prison, what effect if any, will this rehabilitation have on the wider local area. 

Most importantly, will they return to their addictions and other bad habits?

It can be quite gory in places, but there's more gross out fluids like vomit and toilet activities happening than bloodiness. There's also no nudity at all, even though some was filmed, but left on the cutting room floor.

If you would be interested in having the film play at your festival, distribute it, or to hire me for further work, please get in touch via the contact page.


Hellthy Stills: