Jester's Court

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"Jester's Court"

Download: Script.pdf (First 5 Pages) 

The life of Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle. The biggest movie star you've never heard of.

Genre: Biographical/Drama/Comedy/Crime/Silent Era

Setting: Various U.S. Cities

Approx budget to make: $20,000,000

As with 'Shoot Me', my fascination with the Silent Era of cinema continues. The life and scandal that surrounded Roscoe Arbuckle is unbelievable. Truth is stranger than fiction, and many of the occurrences in his life are just surreal. His career blossomed at the same time Hollywood did, and he rode the wave at the same time. However, a scandal, Hollywood's first, took not only his career away, but his entire legacy. Even though he was completely innocent, exonerated and given a public apology by the jury.

There is an eerie similarity between Roscoe's trial and the #metoo movement currently circulating Hollywood, except Roscoe was of course innocent. The prosecution lawyers in his case did not seem to realise they were the 'bad guys' just as an infamous trial ongoing at the moment, the defense lawyers in that case don't seem to understand that either. 


As well the media is a huge parallel. Back then, there was only radio and newspapers, subsequently, the perception of a person could be entirely swung depending on which papers you read. The Hearst papers were not favourable to Roscoe. Newspaper magnates never seemed to have gone out of fashion. Now, with the internet and social media, we find ourselves in a similar divided whirlwind. 

Ultimately this script is a redemption story, and I hope it would in some way redeem Roscoe's good name to the general public, even if it is almost 100 years since the scandal (He was acquitted in 1922, but banned by Will Hays immediately after.)

He was at the time, the most famous comedian in the world, he mentored both Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. In my opinion, it is important for people to know about his amazing comedy skills, and to hopefully introduce his films back into society.

If you are interested, you can download the first 5 pages above, and email me for the full script. ​

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