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My debut novel was published on Amazon on Christmas Eve 2020.


Genre: Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Mindbending
Setting: 2073 United Kingdom


Prime Minister Tru Love does not exist.

Retired MI6 agent Peter Moon died in 2023. He was cryonically frozen and awoke fifty years later to discover a despotic regime is using top-secret military strategies he helped theorise to terrorise the United Kingdom’s people.

Moon’s unique mind contains the knowledge to halt the demagogue prime minister, but with a nation propagandised to love their dear leader, and an entire state trying to silence him, Moon will be forced to find allies in strange places.

But will a hacker, a kung fu swordfighter and a cybernetic sailor be enough to help him stop 'Ampersand' from unleashing a bizarre weapon of mass destruction?


Kindle eBook & Paperback Now Available On Amazon Click Here To Read!

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