A Just Vengeance





He Waited 40 Years For Revenge...

Genre: Revenge, Action, World War 2
Settings: 1945 Berlin, 1985 New York
Approx Budget to make: $10,000,000.

This script concerns two men who take it upon themselves to continue World War 2 in 1985 New York. 
Interwoven with scenes of the older men and their rampage through American city streets, we see the reason why such revenge is needed being played out by their younger counterparts set in 1945.

This film is interesting to me because, as far as I am aware, there really has never been a high budget production surrounding the fall of Berlin and depicting the way it was systematically destroyed by the Allies' missiles. I've only seen this in lesser watched historical documentaries using actual footage from the time.

Setting it in two time-zones allows me to add in another less used trope in action films. That of the old bad-ass story, too often we see young overly handsome people fighting for whatever reason. 
Here we get to see two grizzled old bastards who have had 40 years to reflect on their wartime actions duking it out in an urban surrounding of a different kind, one where they feel somewhat left behind.

I cannot afford to make this movie, whilst I would love to direct it in the future, it seems wise to possibly try optioning or selling the screenplay to fund some of my other cheaper ideas. 

If you are interested, you can download the first 5 pages above, and email me for the full script. 

I am currently entering this into screenplay competitions and will update placements here.

"A Just Vengeance"

Download: Script.pdf (First 5 Pages) 

3rd Place - Canada International Film Fe






A single dad attempts to preserve his relationship with his child... by getting away with murder.

Genre: Film Noir/Neo Noir, Suspense, Thriller, Dark
Setting: Non-Specific UK City
Approx budget to make: £50,000-£100,000.

This script is a completely original, but still loving homage to film noirs from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. As well as claustrophobic suspense films by Hitchcock, Polanski and Henri-Georges Clouzot

It obeys many of the laws and tropes of those genres, such as an unplanned murder, an alcoholic cop, melodramatic voice-over and pessimistic atmosphere, but freshened up to take place in a contemporary setting. 

It's also fresh due to the main theme running through the script of prejudice. The main character Jordan is a black man, from a poor background with a mixed race daughter who entirely depends on him. 
With prior criminal convictions, he doesn't believe that the police will be on his side after bad luck leads to the unplanned murder of another much worse criminal. Therefore he feels he must get away with the murder to be able to keep his daughter trauma free.

With the exciting current influx of mainstream non-Caucasian led films, cynically I have to believe that this film needs to be made yesterday, as I predict a huge wave of such films to come. Films that perhaps won't also mingle with the now fresh again genre of noir.

I cannot afford to fund the full amount of the budget of this movie. I aim to work towards getting that funding over the next 12 months. Depending how much help or funding I can get, I can either make the movie easily for £100,000, or with difficulty for half that amount.

If you are interested, you can download the first 5 pages above, and email me for the full script. 

You can see a proof of concept video of this screenplay below:


Download: Script.pdf (First 5 Pages)