Shoot Me


"Shoot Me"

Download: Script.pdf (First 5 Pages) 

A former cowboy-turned silent movie star struggles to adapt to his newfound showbiz life, 

especially when his Diva co-star is kidnapped by Mexican bandits.

Genre: Western/Action/Adventure/Silent Era

Setting: "Somewhere near the Mexican-American border."

Approx budget to make: $10,000,000

Recently, I have become fascinated with the Silent Era of cinema. I love how animated audiences were when the technology was brand new, and the above image was revolutionary at the time, scaring movie-goers so much that they may get shot themselves. The above shot has been mimicked a lot in Scorsese movies amongst others, even if you're unaware of seeing it before. 

There is also a lot of parallels with the female and Mexican characters back then, with what is happening geopolitically today as well. The main actress would like nothing more than opportunity to play the "Villain" or the "Action Star", but it was even more difficult back then as it is today. The Mexican characters also seek acceptance, freedom and not to be stereotyped anymore. 

Whilst learning about this subject and trying to wrap my head around "Spaghetti Westerns" at the same time, the idea struck me that with the Wild West ending in 1895, that many Cowboys and other occupations of the west, may have crossed over to work in cinema. 

The Cowboy archetype - "Man With No Name" is a very grizzled stoic figure, and it's hard to imagine them in a adventure romp that a lot of the early silent movies were famous for. Thus this script was born, not just how would Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks deal with being in a western, but how Clint Eastwood or John Wayne would deal with being in an adventure movie. 

What would the Princess Bride have been like, if Clint Eastwood starred as Westley instead of Cary Elwes? 

If you are interested, you can download the first 5 pages above, and email me for the full script. ​

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